Welcome to OrangeMills

OrangeMills Inc. is a company based in Guyana that specializes in providing services to both national and international partners. These services can be anything from webdesign to call centre activities and everything in between, as long as it is suitable to be provided as a service by a Business Service Center.

The main objective is to harness the economic benefits possible by creating offshore centres throughout the Caribbean and Guyana.

We serve as an initial supplier of custom built websites to our reseller partners throughout Europe and provide outbound calls to aid them in their process of developing new business.

For the Caribbean and Guyanese market we also develop highly innovative internet platforms and we thus create a potential for local businesses and consumers by using 21st century technology.

Services We Offer

  • Webdesign
    • Static sites
    • Dynamic sites
    • Content Management Systems
    • Webshops
  • Internet platforms
    • Waiana.com (free online classifieds)
    • Windiestravel.com (online hotel booking service)
    • Guybusiness.com (business information website)
  • Call center
    • Outbound
  • Medical transcripts
    • Review