At OrangeMills, we can provide you with both a custom-made and an off the shelf website.

This means that we can deliver a website entirely according to your wishes or one based on a standard template. Both favourably priced. Although we're talking about standard and off the shelf this doesn't mean there is no personalization involved.

Therefore, a standard site willl never be entirely standard.
We are the best in town when it comes to webdesign. Because we have years of experience and we use the most modern techniques and applications our customerbase extends from national to international businesses.

Our prices are very affordable, not only for our international partners but also for our local clients. Nevertheless, after the price has been forgotten it’s the quality that remains.

Try us and you won’t be sorry.

Static Websites

A static website is a very straightforward website and consists of 6 to 7 pages. In most cases it is all about informing the visitor in a simple and effective manner.

Dynamic Websites

With a dynamic website, programming and/or a database is needed in order to enhance the functionalities. These enhancements include guestbooks, forums, blogs, multilinguality, etc.

Content Management System

CMS means Content Management System. In short this means that you decide what the contents of the website will be and that you are able to alter the content of the website without involving someone else.

Web Shop

The extra thing about this one is that it is also possible to sell products and services and to let customers pay online for their purchases. Think about creditcards and Paypal when we're talking about payments.

We offer the best deal for the lowest price when it comes to hosting your website.

We offer the most space, the fastest servers, the best service and the lowest price.

  • domain and web hosting
  • 10 Gig webspace
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • POP/IMAP/Secure mail
  • Webmail
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free statistics
  • 24/7 back ups
  • Super fast Dell servers
  • Server farm directly on the internet backbone

Windiestravel provides online marketing and payment facilities for bookings made with Guyanese and Caribbean businesses in the hospitality sector.

The businesses that make use of Windiestravel are not only hotels but also guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, resorts, tour operators and owners of rental apartments. The sizes of these partners range from small to large, but they all have in common that they deliver high quality of service.

The advantages of using Windiestravel are numerous:

  • No major investment is needed in their own website or online booking and payment system by our partners.
  • Visitors have access to information that is always online and up to date.
  • Events and special offers are posted on the website in order to enhance the Guyanese experience of visitors.
  • Realtime online bookings.
  • Order confirmations by email.
  • Online payments using Paypal.
  • Each partner gets a free email address and mailbox to communicate professionally.
  • Marketing of the site is done both locally and internationally, free of charge for our partners.
  • Unlimited numbers of rental objects per partner.
  • No limitations in texts or photos per object.
  • More than 70% of internet users in America and Europe use internet to book and pay for their holidays. That is a vast market we're tapping in to.
  • Increase of the yield per room and reducing the costs for our partners.

Just check out and put yourself and your business into the 21st century.